On February 6, WXIA (11 Alive), a news channel in Atlanta, Georgia, covered the International Commission of Inquiry’s hearing on the case of Vincent Truitt, a 17-year-old Black teen killed by Cobb County police in July 2020. Vincent Truitt’s mother, Ms. Venethia Cook, and the Truitt family’s attorneys, Ms. Maria Banjo and Mr. Gerald Griggs, provided testimony to the hearing, presided over by Commissioners Sir Clare Roberts of Antigua and Barbuda and Prof. Mireille Fanon-Mendes-France of France and coordinated by rapporteur Prof. Horace Campbell.

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Vincent Truitt case presented to international commission

ATLANTA — Since his death last summer, Vincent Truitt’s family hasn’t stopped fighting for justice in what they believe was a wrongful police shooting.

On Saturday, the family and their attorney presented their case to an international commission they hope will bring global pressure.

The family, along with their attorneys, are now included in a United Nations investigation into police violence in America.

No parent should have to wait this long for answers. No parent should have to fight for what’s right,” said Truitt’s mother, Venethia Cook, in front of the commission.

The legal team representing Truitt’s family said they made big strides Saturday, presenting their case to the International Commission of Inquiry, a group made up of human rights advocates and lawyers all over the world.

This commission is listening to other big cases around the country too, including George Floyd, Michael Brown, and Tamir Rice.

In April, the commission is expected to make a full report to the United Nations Human Rights Commissioner regarding systemic police violence in America.

“If one can kill a Black man and there’s nothing for it, then there’s absolutely impunity and a lack of deterrence. You don’t think twice before doing it,” said one of the commission members.

“Anytime you get to speak to an international body about things that are happening to you locally, it gives you wind behind your sails that people are listening,” said family attorney, Gerald Griggs.

Griggs said for Truitt’s family, this shows the seriousness of the case, to be included in this investigation.

“To have Vincent’s case highlighted today underscores that people are looking at Georgia. People are looking at Cobb County. People are looking at America,” he said.